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Go to Market Plan for SaaS


Successful launch a new Feed Manager as a SaaS, including overall ownership of design, development, legal, support and marketing.


Launch of Google’s 1st trusted comparison shopping service provider.

Product Caster
Go to Market Plan
Feed manager optimisation using Product Caster

Strategies and Tactics


  • Competitor analysis into current feed manager offerings
  • Review market data and perform market research to review whether there is a need for our product:
    • Review current problems and customer needs
    • Identify how we can solve these problems and needs
  • Full brainstorm to conclude ultimate list of features and functions
  • Identification of key features we can develop that are unique, and within our capabilities


  • Review ultimate list of features and functions including in depth analysis into technical requirements and overall efficiency
  • Finalise flowchart that takes into account support and SLA
  • Conclude launch phrases, including a MVP (Minimum Variable Product)
  • Create a launch plan and project manage 

Support and Service

  • Competitor review at support and service level
  • Implementation of SLA (Service Level Agreement) based on our support capabilities and customer expectations. Example, what timeframe can we commit to for resolving urgent issues.. what is to be considered as an urgent issue.. what operating hours can we commit to… what out of office hours support can we commit to…
  • Management of support collateral, both for client and support team
  • Allocation of support roles and responsibilities
  • Onboard plan including key roles and responsibilities


  • Review target audience and how to best target this audience
  • Identify pricing based on competitor analysis, cost to us and overall value of our product to the customer
  • Identify clear and accurate USPs that solve existing problems and customer needs
  • Brochure design and distribution plan
  • Presentation design for showcasing to potential new customers
  • Website design and marketing plan
  • Review customer retention strategies to build recurring sales
  • Maximise customer value by cross-sell / upsell strategies
Visual demonstration of output from Product Caster feed manager

Reassurance from Google

“We’re pleased to welcome Productcaster as a Comparison Shopping Service partner. Their technological capability and retail experience makes them a welcome arrival to our CSS programme.”
Ian Carrington
MD Performance Media Solutions EMEA Google


What Customers Say About Product Caster

"The solution provided by FeedManager was a good match for our business due to the ability to scale our activity in a cost-efficient manner and provide a service that’s trusted by other leading retailers."
Jeff Mainwood
Head of Performance Marketing, Sigma Sports
"After trialling other CSS partners we chose Productcaster given their great performance, simple migration, no need to set up new accounts and transparency of pricing. We are happy to be working with them"
Lee Faetz
Ecommerce Director, Evans Cycles

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