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About Damon Simpson

Senior Marketing Manager who has a proven track record of owning and driving major ecommerce projects to success.

Hello.  My name is Damon Simpson, a result driven marketing consultant specialised in helping companies transform and sell more online. 

I have been lucky enough to work across the full digital landscape from development, design to marketing.  Marketing is what I specialise in and have the most knowledge of, but knowledge and understanding of the full landscape is a huge advantage when thriving to maximise top level ROI for a business.

Customer First Approach

Using a unique yet effective customer first approach strategy across multiple marketing channels, I have been able to maximise profit and exceed expectations for many clients across various industries, including retail, gambling, technology, leisure and hospitality.

Love Living

Alongside my professional marketing career, I also love to travel the world and experience new cultures.  It is also a great way of seeing how different countries are using online marketing, and it is surprising how advanced many of the developing countries are when it comes to digital marketing! 

One of the questions I get asked more than anything else is “where is your favourite place in the world”.  It is extremely difficult to pin point one exact location, but from a top three, it would be:

Hong Kong – Best of both worlds, magnificent city and a gorgeous beach

London – London City is just something else, plus this is my home country

Philippines – Breathtaking beaches with the friendliest people you will ever meet.

Our Team

We Work With Very Creative People

Leila Gregory

User Interface Designer

Brent Chambers

Animation Expert

Troy Nash


Alex Rivera

Creative Director

My Clients

I’ve Worked With Amazing Companies

Marketing for Argos
Senior client manager for Summit Media
PPC and SEO for Betway
Marketing for
PPC for Hippodrome Casino Online
eCommerce marketing for M and D Online
Marketing for DMGT Daily Mail and General Trust plc
Marketing dissertation based on Wilko Wilkinsons Plus

By working with me, I can reach your goals in a short distance.