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Digital Marketing Ecommerce ProfessionalDamon Simpson

Committed, target driven and highly experienced digital marketing professional with skills embracing paid search, display, shopping, social, SEO, email, video and affiliates across Google, Bing, Amazon, Meta and Klavio.  

Target Users Looking to Buy / Likely to ConvertConversion

Target users as they’re actively looking to buy via search, shopping, affiliate and Amazon-sponsored product ads. Retarget users most likely to convert via display/sponsored post retargeting, affiliate and email.

Target Users in Research Phase / In-MarketConsideration

Catch users as they’re researching about a certain product, or likely to be in-market for the product via search, display, sponsored brand ads and sponsored video ads.

Educate Users of Key Features & BenefitsReach

Educate New to Brand users through video, display and content via YouTube, Social, Amazon DSP Video, Freevee, Fire Tablet, PR and more

eCommerce marketing consultant Damon Simpson in Vietnam

My Services

For me, it's about creating full-funnel marketing strategies that works together to maximise incremental revenue growth

Paid Search

ROI-focused paid search tailored to your brand including shopping, to drive sales to your business in a cost-effective way.


I will integrate content, technical, UI, UX and offsite pillars into your campaigns to enhance your visibility and provide tangible results.


Connect with the world on a wider scale through social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.


With the right display ads and intelligent audience targeting, your display advertising campaigns will plant the seed of recognition that helps your business bloom and grow.

My Clients

I’ve Worked with Amazing Companies

Marketing for Argos
PPC and SEO for Betway
Head of Digital Marketing for Inspired Pet Nutrition
Marketing for DMGT Daily Mail and General Trust plc
Senior client manager for Summit Media
Head of Digital Marketing Strategies for Harringtons Dog Food
Barking Heads Marketing
Marketing for
PPC for Hippodrome Casino Online
Astraler Head of Digital Marketing and Sales Vietnam
eCommerce marketing for M and D Online
Marketing dissertation based on Wilko Wilkinsons Plus

My Blog

Marketing Insights and More

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By working with me, I can reach your goals in a short distance.