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Web Design, Development and Basic SEO

As one of London´s longest establishments within the waste management sector, their way of work and marketing was very 90s driven. They came to us through word of mouth, and together, we got their company uptodate with a new website (that now worked on multiple platforms, not just the old version of Internet Explorer on a desktop), and made sure people could easily find them online.

Step 1 – Website Design and Content

The team at AJP were very open on design, they simply wanted something that looked professional, and simple to use.  The content, however, was a little more tricky, but together we managed to gather enough content for the website launch.

Step 2 – Web Development

Requirements again were very brief, a website that users can easily use, and preferable something their in-house team can easily update if and when needed.

Back in the days of when I first graduated university with a degree in software development, I was always very keen on developing websites from scratch. However, over the years we have learnt: why create something that is already there?  Not only does creating a whole new CMS take more time (money for the client), the client also has teh extra costs and commitment of keeping the cms system up-to-date, free from security threats etc.

As this build was relatively simple and generic, WordPress was the best solution.

Step 3 – SEO (Technical)

With the new website built, the next step was ensuring people can find it. with Google having 90.46% of the search engine market share (SearchEngineland), and 88% of users searching online for a new service provider (Statista), it was important to ensure the website could easily be found on Google.

  • Relevancy – the first step of SEO for me is to ensure Google knows exactly what each page is related to. Example, the skip hire page. The service offered is “skip hire”, and the location it is offered is in “London”.  It is therefore important for us to ensure Google understands this page as a page related to “skip hire in London”.
  • Website speed – a more recent update from Google ranking algorithm is the importance of website load speed. With the huge increase in the use of mobile devices, not only is this important for Google, but also important for our potential customers!  The first and most important area is a good host. We have our own VPS, which is configured to maximise load speeds of websites. Other factors that were taken care of was effective caching, optimising images (we did this right from the start!), Lazyload, and lastly, editing the code to minimize css and javascript, along with replacing PHP with static HTML where possible.
  • Sitemap – this tells the search engines about the website structure and lets them easily discover new content. it needs to be clean, up-to-date, concise and registered in Search Console (we also needed to create a Search Console account to do this)
  • Make sure all important resources are crawlable – we used an SEO crawler for this, whilst also ensuring the robots.txt doc was up-to-date and accurate
  • Broken links – as this is a new website, they were no broken links, but still worth checking!
  • Internal links – as part of the build, we made sure to link to related content from the start. For example, on the skip hire page, we talk briefly about how all of the waste is recycled. We also add a link to this section to the recycling page, which explains the recycling process in more detail – great for seo and for the user!
  • Audit backlinks – very important as bad links could destroy all of our recent efforts. As this was a brand new website, no backlinks were present, but if so, we would need to have used the disavow tool to disconnect any bad links to the new website.

Step 4 – Local SEO

This company offers waste management solutions in London. We therefore only want to target people with an interest in London.

  • Created a Google My Business Listing
  • Facebook Page
  • Add site to local directories (but must be of good quality)
  • Ensure NAP (name, address and phone number) is consistent and correct across both the website and local directories

The Results

14+ contact us form completions a week, with an overall 66% increase enquiries, resulting in an overall +50% increase in orders!

How did we achieve an increase in sales so quickly?  We gained 1st page on Google for “skip hire london”, “recycling london” and 7th position when searching “skip hire” whilst located in south London – great results for little SEO efforts!


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